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Junior Leadership Team

We know that our students are wonderful and have a lot to say about their welfare and progress while they are at Isebrook.

To ensure our students have a voice about the things that really matter to them, they have the chance to become part of the Junior Leadership Team.

This group of students will fulfil the roles of the Anti-bullying group, the School Council and Environmental Awareness Action Group.

The Junior Leadership Group consists of elected members.  Members will be selected through a voting system in college and they serve as members for one year.

  • JLT members feed back to the Senior Leadership Team on relevant matters arising.
  • JLT students have the confidence to represent their peers across a range of issues.
  • JLT students have opinions and are passionate about improving college life.
  • JLT students are ready and willing to take on tasks and get their friends involved.
  • JLT students set a fantastic example to their peers.