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National Apprenticeship Week - 8th February 2021

National Apprenticeships Week may not grab your attention like National Eat Chocolate Week or National Drink Prosecco Week, but it's still good to know about Apprenticeships, Traineeships and Supported Internships.

Apprenticeships are a way for young people to learn on the job skills and earn at the same time. 

They are good for students who don't want to go to college full time and want to learn skills to get a job.

You may ask “But could my child do an Apprenticeship?”

This depends on the level they are working at. Apprenticeships are not possible for every student. Students who can work to Entry Level 3 and above could do an Apprenticeship. It's worth knowing that an ex Isebrook student did an Apprenticeship through the Creating Tomorrow Trust and now has a job at Isebrook. Another student is just starting an Apprenticeship with the Trust.

Supported Internships are a way for some students working at a lower level to get into the world of work.

National Apprenticeship Week is also about Traineeships. Traineeships help people get valuable work experience that could lead to a job.

Please get in touch to ask about Apprenticeships, Traineeships or Supported Internships and whether they are right for your young person after 16. I am here to help with next steps and future plans.

Disability Rights UK have produced some useful information to help explain more. 

Sarah Lowe -Transition Leader

07917 434660 

01536 500030