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The role of a SENCo can be divided into the following main areas: 
1. Whole-college SEN coordination:

The SENCo has responsibility of managing and coordinating the well-being, learning and education of all our students.

2. Strategic planning:

The SENCo oversees and manages Isebrook's SEN policy and coordination of provisions made for students.

3. Monitoring and evaluation:

The SENCo will carefully and regularly monitor the Isebrook’s SEN practice and policy. This is to ensure all of the students are having their educational needs met, and are provided with the best opportunities for maximising their individual educational potential.

4. Managing and training staff:

The SENCo has the important task of improving the knowledge and understanding of the individual needs of our students in several areas of staff. This includes colleagues, Teaching Assistants, support staff, the Senior Leadership Team and to some extent parents/carers and Governors.  A better and clearer understanding of a student will help both the SENCo and relevant staff to ensure that each student is provided with suitable special educational provisions.