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You & Us

At Isebrook College, we work closely with a range of health, care and support agencies.

We run personalised support programmes, including specialist support from Drama Therapists, Educational and Clinical Pyschologists, Occuprational and Speech Therapists and Physiotherapists, for those students who require help:

  • With emotional, social and behavioural needs
  • Accessing the curriculum
  • Due to autism / Asperger’s
  • Due to complex needs

Cause for concern

Students demonstrate cause for concern because:

  • They are known to Social services
  • They may be involved with CAMHS
  • They are involved in a Early Help Assessment [EHA]
  • Other reasons

Key Staff

  • Assistant Head for Curriculum & Assessment
  • Assistant Head for Pastoral, Inclusion and Behaviour
  • Pastoral & Welfare Leader
  • Behaviour Support Assistant
  • Family Support Advisor
  • Learning Mentors

External Professionals

  • Connexions Advisor
  • Community Support Officers
  • Social Workers
  • Educational and Clinical Psychologists
  • Specific Support Groups