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Family Support Advisor

I'm Louise Tan.

I'm the Family Support Advisor for Isebrook School.

My role at Isebrook

The FSA supports all students through 11-18 and is responsible for initial daily contact with parents if students are absent from school.  The FSA plays a pivotal role in preparing CAFs and leading associated meetings.

  • I am at Isebrook every weekday between  07:30 – 17:00 to accommodate meetings in school, appointments with parents and home visits.
  • I will help with the completion of forms (e.g. DLA, Housing, benefit claims etc.)
  • Advise on positive parenting techniques.
  • I will support parents with any concerns (this does not have to be school related) and provide information, or signpost parents were necessary.
  • I will lead and attend meetings (this does not have to be a school related issues) to support parents who need additional support or to act as advocate.
  • I will ring, or visit parents where there are attendance issues.
  • I work closely with other support services, including a team of multi-disciplinary therapists.

Please feel free to contact me if you need to. 

Phone: 07868 456 145

Text: 07868 456 145